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Some of our Partners

  • Thanks for the opportunity to be there viewing, even though life gets in the way and I couldn't be there in person
  • Thanks for the shout out to Nelson!
  • We always watch the Games online now we can't make it to the stadium due to health issues. Keep it up please.
  • THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to help me yesterday. I really appreciate it.
  • A special thank you goes to FalconsTV and the team for the professional vision of the game.
  • A special thanks to mindITTV and FalconsTV for their video production used in this highlights package, they are by far the best getting around in Basketball.
  • Andrew is a legend, we spent hours working a solution and now we have a solution. Wow. Andrew is so dedicated and knowledgeable, and after a while our knowledge base clicked and off we went. Now ready for broadcast Tuesday.