About SmashFM

Smash FM was founded by Will Taylor in 2010 as a platform to showcase local sports. Since then, the station has grown to include courtside commentary, 3 live weekly shows, and countless interviews with up and coming sporting stars. Each broadcast is now listened to by hundreds of people, with many interacting on social media.

Smash FM is an online radio station based in Melbourne’s South East and Eastern Suburbs with a very successful rate in promoting local sporting clubs as well as the less-known sports In the spotlight in the last couple of years.

In the next couple of years, we will be expanding our horizon from streaming online to broadcasting on TuneIn Radio or even AM/FM Frequency to continue our great work in promoting our local community sporting clubs. “Smash Sports Show” and “Game Day Coverage”  has been a real hit with our listeners on Smash FM.

We are planning lots of community events and coming out to the local sporting clubs from 2014 to conduct our LIVE broadcast and also doing new segments with the sporting club every fortnight after the weekend’s games to discuss the game, inform our listeners and let them get to know the club and to be involved with the club. As well as promoting local sports, we continue to strive to reach our goal in promoting women’s sports in any form of sporting landscape across Melbourne and Australia and the world.