Birddog Eyes P400 4K Full NDI PTZ


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Announcing P400 – World’s First 10-Bit NDI in 4K with Professional Colour Tools.

$3995 USD. Shipping April.

• P400 features 10-bit NDI in stunning 4K resolution and allows chroma subsampling in your choice of 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.

• P400 teams up BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip, a 4K Sony CMOS Backlit sensor, and a true Sony Image Module.

• P400 includes professional level colour tools including Colour Matrix control, Black Level, and Gamma including 512 pre-set gamma positions.

• P400 with Cam Control opens up all the Colour Matrix, Black Level, Gamma adjustment tools to shade remotely.

• P400 has incredible low light performance.

• P400 delivers 10-bit NDI, 6G SDI, HDMI 2.0 – simultaneous live outputs

• P400 has a 20x Zoom, Genlock, Tally, Audio Intercom, superfine robotics, PoE.

• P400 is of course compatible with all BirdDog software including Cloud, Cam Control, Central Pro, and Comms Pro.

We are accepting orders now, shipping April, and in manufacturing right now.